Tuesday, October 6, 2009

these are my imaginary friends foo! (AA)

Before Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends aired; I remember watching advertisement for it and challenging myself to do my own set of imaginary friends from whatever inspiration I could catch from the commercials between shows. (I was trying to convince myself that I could draw in different style)


  1. HA these are really awesome, it's cool to see some of your older work. Was there a time when you couldn't draw amazing?

  2. love it. All of these guys are really cool. And the Homer drawing you did was hilarious, haha.

  3. Some really rad designs in there. I love the knight and the hunch back dude in the top left!

  4. Mike~ you kiddin me?! i still need improvements so much..dont we all? lol but youre so flattering thanks a lot!

    Thanks Megan!! glad you could get a laugh!

    You have good eye Ryan~! (I like the knight too..)
    thanks for the compliments!

  5. i wish i was there when you were drawing this. we would've totally been laughing about the sketchy lizard dude smokin the spliff. all of these make me very happy.

    I just found your blog and I'm linking you to donmesswithdinosaurs.com
    now our internets are laughing together when we cannot... :{{

  6. DRAWINGS!!!! That AND you have cool friends! At least the imaginary kind....

    Teehee word verification is "OOLOOGIE"

  7. Hey ! Hopefully I'll see some new stuff. -S