Friday, August 10, 2012

Here I go...Motorcity stuff..

I had an honor to work on "Motorcity" thats on Disney XD for a few weeks as a character designer. I was working side by side with some of the most talented people in the animation industry.  Watch the the show!! its AMAZING!!  Im going to be posting some concepts and production art that I worked on in parts.

These are some concept Ive done for a giant mutated sewer rat that appears in episode 1.  None of it were used but it was fun exploring it. Its hairless...and disgusting..Id be running away screaming if I see something like that.

Some incidental citizens of Detroit Deluxe.  Brain washed Kane and forced to wear a K...Kane, you bastard...

 This drawing was done by the creator of the show Chris P. to show me how its really done.  Yes, its
 gross..its awesome..and it was approved to be used in the show.

 These are bunch of concepts for Claire.  These were fun to draw.  She was described as rich, fashionable (even in Deluxe), and bitchy. I added 'hot' myself.


  1. Sick design on that rat. I, too, would be running away screaming if I saw it in real life. You da bomb, Jun-py!

  2. Love the Claire designs! Awesome work all around :)