Thursday, April 2, 2009

Guitar Hero 4 PNG (WRA)

This was one of the shot that was used in GH4 guitarist intro. I thought it was one of the coolest shot. It was the scene of the guitarist's childhood past where he thought he was the only badass guitarist until he looked to his left and saw THIS!!! Dave Johnson did the BG, Sung Jin Ahn did BG color, Juno Lee on the comp, Jeremy Polgar animated the other guitarist's arms and fingers, and I drew the characters.
This also is from the guitarist intro. These girls are guitarist hero's groupies before he looks up to see that hes not the only one with fans.


  1. Ah! That is so HOT!!! You make it look so easy. And for some reason, my eyes are just drawn to the blond girl on the left of the top drawing. Such a lively-looking character, and I love the hair!

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  3. I can't spell,
    OK second try:
    This is lovely Junpei! The blonde is fetching and I usually don't like blondes.. so good job! I have extreme job envy! you do such beautiful work yourself and you work with talented people! Yay!

  4. hello junpizzle,

    actually i painted this bg lol

    just letting u kno :D

    lots of lgs!

  5. Kristina- thanks! I love creating hot stuff just like u! but its not easy most of the time; i struggle and i have doubts too; glad u like it tho :)

    Marnie- its ok i cant spell either; thank god for online dictionary...u'll be up there soon enough; surround urself with talents and u'll be amazed with ur growth!

  6. i bet you have lots of fan girls