Friday, April 3, 2009

Seven Haunted Seas (WRA)

I'm sure everyone knows that Titmouse studio opened up a game division....its only all over the internet. I was fortunate enough to be on board as a animation layout artist and character designer. Aaron Habibipour is creative director for Titmouse Games and its first game Seven Haunted Seas. These are two style frames that was finished up first before anything was completed. Otto Tang on color, Antonio Canobbio on BG, and Allison Craig beautifully animated the characters I laid in.

This is the color example for the main hero of the game, Pete. Check out the trailer that we finished!

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  1. I can expect nothing but the best from the Titmouse crew. 2D features need to come back, and they need to look like THIS! Because the usual Disney style, though beautiful, can be so old-hat.